Superstitions About Dreams: The Mexican Ideology

Do you know that an average individual has about three to five dreams each night? People sometimes have up to seven dreams per night. The duration of each dream also varies from just a few seconds to about 30 minutes.

A dream is a series of uncontrolled pictures and ideas that come to the mind while sleeping. They can also be accompanied by sensations and emotions.

Dreams are said to occur in the rapid-eye-movement (REM) phase of sleep characterized by high brain activity.

The purpose of dreams is not totally known but different people have varying ideologies about dreams. These ideologies are usually based on scientific, cultural, philosophical and religious views.

15 Surprising Mexican Superstitions About Dreams

Picture Of Surprising Mexican Superstitions About Dreams

Everyone dreams but they think about it differently because of their varying views. These views are informed by religious, cultural, or other forms of belief.

There are several views about dreams, its purpose, and meaning.

Hence, there are many superstitions about dreams as men desire to draw meanings from them. Let’s consider some of these superstitions that Mexicans have.

1. The Period A Dream Occurs

The saying goes, ” Dreams at night are the devil’s delight. Dreams in the morning, heed the angel’s warning.

2. Dreams About Acorn

Dreams about acorns mean good things are coming to the individual. A woman eating an acorn in her dream shows her rising to a position of ease. A dream involving shaking an acorn tree shows a person rapidly attaining their desires in business and relationships.

3. Dream About Airport

A dream of a busy airport denotes freedom and can also mean traveling. An empty airport might mean a delay or a change in your traveling plan.

4. Dream About An Almond

An almond in a dream shows a momentary sorrow. If it tastes sweet, you’ll find your way around. When the almond tastes bitter, you might want to pay more attention to it.

5. Dreams About Angels

Everyone loves angels. Dreams of angels mean success, rewarding friendship, protection as well as happiness.

6. Dream About A Baby

With the cute smiles and innocence of babies, a dream about babies represents good things. It shows innocence, a new beginning, and warmth. It also shows an amazing love and friendship relationship is around the corner. When a woman nurses a baby in a dream, it shows she will be deceived by a trusted person.

7. Dreams About Diamonds

Seeing a diamond in a dream shows the person will experience great honor and also be recognized.

8. Dreams About A Dog

Seeing a dog in your dream shows good friendship and gain. If the dog barks at you, it foretells that you might get bad news. Thanks to Debra from Psychic advisor

9. Dream About A Dragonfly

If a dragonfly rests on your body in your dream, expect good news from afar. A dead dragonfly represents bad news. You would be getting guests when you dream of a dragonfly perching gracefully.

10. Dream About Falling

Nobody likes falling. Dreaming about falling reveals an emotional imbalance or loss of self-control. It can also show a lack of self-confidence or insecurity. It can also indicates your fear of failure or difficulty in handling a situation.

11. Dream About A Gang

If you dream about being confronted by a gang, it shows overwhelming situations around your life.

12. Dream About A Garden

Dreams about a beautiful vegetable garden means that with diligence, prosperity on your way. It also shows stability and growth on the inside. When the garden involves flowers, it shows comfort, love, happiness in your future home.

13. Dream About Honey

Dreaming about eating honey reveals that the person would be wealthy and experience love in the future.

14. Dream About Key

Dreams about keys mean unexpected changes and lost keys to the negative effects of adventures. Finding a key shows peace and success at home.

15. Dream About Light

Dreaming of light shining from darkness indicates that a person would find out the truth about a matter. It can also mean that an individual would find answers to a challenging situation.

Do Bad Dreams Mean Anything?

Yes, they can be a caution or an attempt to call your attention to something you are not taking note of. For some people, nightmares occur more frequently at a specific time or prevalent situation. Bad dreams are the kinds of dreams that fills the dreamer with the feeling of terror. They can also be accompanied by feelings of fear and anxiety.

Dreams generally occur during the rapid-eye-movement (REM) stage of sleep. This also includes nightmares or bad dreams. Nightmares are said to occur towards the end of the REM cycle. Nightmare disorder occurs when a person experiences chronic and intense nightmares over a long period. Most times, nightmares also affect the social life of the individual.

A night terror is another experience that is more intense than a nightmare. It occurs within the initial stage of sleep usually within the first few hours. It can also result in a loud scream and thrashing movement from the person who sleeps.

It might be challenging waking a person who is experiencing a night terror. Waking up from a night terror is more dramatic compared to a standard nightmare. Most often, details about the dream are lost when the person eventually wakes up. A night terror can also be considered as a disorder.

Studies suggest that nightmares are more common with children. Some children start experiencing bad dreams from as low as 3 to 4 years.

It only becomes abnormal when it starts interrupting the sleep pattern of the child. It is also abnormal when the psychological development and social life of the child are affected.

Adults also have these bad dreams but not as frequently as children. It was also reported that female adults have more bad dreams than male adults.

There are varying opinions about the cause of nightmares. Some scholars say it is related to the anatomy and physiology of a person’s brain. Products of the attempt by the brain to make meaning out of random signals. With this line of thought, there are no effects attached to nightmares.

Most psychologists believe that dreams originate from people’s unconscious minds. They also believe that dreams are a product of people’s fears and desires.

Another line of thought is of the opinion that suppressed emotions use nightmares and dreams as occasions for expression. This implies that dreams are significant and meaningful and therefore, they need interpretation.

Nightmares have also been associated with traumatic stress disorder. Traumatic stress includes a car accident, surgery, or physical abuse. Emotional traumas like the death of a loved one, neglect and assault can also be a contributing factor. Bad dreams have also been associated with stress and anxiety.